Saint Cecilia Festival 2017

Columbus, OH

"Family Friendly Fun"

Festival Attractions


Our Festival includes a number of attractions including:

  • Silent Auction
  • Major Awards Raffle
  • Covered live entertainment
  • Delicious & Reasonably priced food
  • Cake Booth (see description below)
  • Lemon Shake up
  • Beer Booth (draft beer and wine coolers)
  • Texas Poker
  • Instant Bingo
  • Quilt Booth (see description below)
  • Children's Games (0.25 per game ticket)
  • Quarter Machine
  • Money Wheel
  • Color Cube
  • Amusement rides and games


Cake Booth

Come have some fun at the Cake Booth! Place a quarter on the number board and watch the spinning wheel go! If it lands on your number, you get your choice of homemade tasty cakes, cookies or brownies. Fun for the whole family!


Quilt Booth

This booth will raffle off a hand-quilted, bed size quilt and also sell an assortment of hand made craft items. Both the quilt and the craft items are made by members of the Parish. Drawing on the Quilt Raffle is at 11 PM on the last day of the Festival.

Pricing: Quilt raffle tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. Pricing on craft items vary.